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Welcome to my whatsapp groups

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We recently updated the "welcome message" that is sent out to new members who join the group. I am posting it here for everyone to see, as well as a reminder . Our members, professional women representing several ethnic groups, organize educational and service projects such as the Read-a-Thon and our. After a new member joined a group, the group owner said, "You are warmly welcome." Dose it sound awkward to you? Grammatically.

Thank you so much for having me ” and flash the most humble, heart-felt SMILE at each one of them. 1. Try to remember all their names 2. Pay attention to the. Whatsapp groups are probably the most annoying thing in technology today, as the phone keeps lighting up with messages that, more often. The connect group comes equipped with a customizable welcome message for all new group participants. Whenever someone joins the group.

WhatsApp Group Chat can get messy but the best groups manage the chaos. Here's how. And over time I have realised that participants in WhatsApp group So when she replies, people welcome this person back to the world of. It's the first impression you're making to your new community. seen many successful communities create a standing pinned “welcome” post. Whatsapp group chats - for they are nearly always on Whatsapp - are the norm nowadays. Whereas once you might organise your life and chat.