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Ixia bulbs when to plant

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SHOP ALL IXIA Hot and Dry = Perfect Exotic members of the iris family, ixia produce brilliant blossoms with often dramatically contrasting spots and blotches. Growing Ixia Bulbs: Information On The Care Of Wand Flowers. If you need a colorful addition to a flower bed that gets hot afternoon sun, you might want to try growing Ixia bulbs. Pronounced Ik-see-uh, the plants are commonly called wand flowers, cornflowers or African corn lily. Turquoise Ixia Care: Growing Turquoise Ixia Viridiflora Plants. Turquoise ixia plants, which grow from small bulbs, require well-drained soil and full sunlight. Read on for more information, and learn how to grow Ixia viridiflora plants.

Ixia bulbs are winter growers and should be planted in early fall and watered to start them into growth. In mild areas they may be grown outside in a sunny. How to Grow Ixia Plants. Guide to Growing African Corn Lily, African Iris, and Wand flower. Ixia species are grown from half hardy bulbs. They have grass like. How to Grow Ixia Bulbs. By Melissa Lewis; Updated September 21, Ixias-- also known as African corn lilies--are exotic flowering plants that have clusters of .

Ixia bulbs are commonly called African corn lily or corn flower and belong to the Iridaceae family. Ixia bulbs include 50 species, originate in. Ixias are easy, you can simply plant, relax and enjoy as they come back year after Ixia bulbs are best left in the soil to naturalise and you will only need to dig.