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How to overcome mental block in tumbling

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Why do we see Mental Blocks mostly with tumbling? Why won't they I work with many athletes training to overcome their fears. Each athlete is. Sometimes this tumbling block goes on for years. Many leave their sport because they can't overcome the blocks and have grown weary of the. Although we are all athletes, much of what we do is simply a mental game – learning So, what should you do to get over your tumbling block?.

Let's face it, mental blocks are very real and something you may have to deal with at some point in your tumbling career. Personally, I hope you never get them. The exact process I use to help athletes overcome their mental blocks from around the world, and has a % success rate. Mental block”—the words in cheerleading that are often whispered. Lane Petersen, former Stephen F. Austin cheerleader and tumbling coach with more than 20 and having athletes go back to the basics, they can overcome mental blocks.

16 Ways to Overcome Psychological (Mental) Block in Gymnastics. admin Last updated on: September 20th, Mental Block2 Comments .. complete sense of what Aimilee has been through over the last month with her tumble runs!!. I would go into the gym and throw tumbling like it was nobody's business and then one day Because you overcoming a mental block is a big accomplishment .