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How to fix reclining couch handle

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You can actually fix the handle yourself. You do not have to engage the services of a furniture. How to fix a recliner that doesn't open when you pull the lever on the side of the chair! So I got online and ordered a replacement handle and CABLE. Flip the couch/chair over and see where the cable comes from the bottom of the piece. Now you probably know how to fix a broken recliner pull handle you can fix anytime you come across the same issue. Y'know the best thing about fixing at home.

A recliner with a broken or missing handle is no longer a functional recliner. This one How to Replace the Lift Handle on a La-Z-Boy Recliner or a Motion Sofa. You must pull the lever on the side of the recliner to raise the foot rest. Tube: La -Z-Boy: How to Replace The Lift Handle on a La-Z-Boy Recliner or Motion Sofa. But why have a company repair your recliner handles when you can do that yourself? Chief Editor and Furniture Expert for

Lanyarco Replacement Recliner Handle Chair Sofa Couch Release Lever . Total time to replace the broken one with this one was no more than 10 minutes.