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How to bake a cake without oil

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You do not need to have oil to prepare a packaged cake mix. Melted butter or applesauce can stand in for oil in any cake mix. You will still need the other. Chocolate cake is a classic American dessert. Of course, it usually is heavy in fat and calories. Those who are trying to avoid extra calories or. Whether you run out of oil while baking a cake or just want to make a All options will enable you to finish your cake without running to the.

Boxed cake mixes, with their pre-measured ingredients and ready-made flavors, offer convenience to home cooks. They typically require only eggs, oil and. I just put my cake in the oven and went to start cleaning up when I saw the measured out oil on the counter. I never added it into my batter (box. How to Make a Cake from a Mix Without Oil and Eggs. There are many reasons why anyone may wish to bake cakes that don't include any eggs or oil in the.

So what do you do when you've mixed the water and oil and just realized you don't have any eggs? No, you don't need to find a recipe for an. This Yum-Yum Cake recipe is amazingly delicious and moist, without the need for any oil or butter. It's a time-tested recipe that's been handed.