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Athletes who eat one meal a day

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They only eat one meal a day. Now before you start commenting about how bad and dangerous this is, just hear me out first because I have. But others, including prominent pro athletes like Ronda Rousey and Herschel Walker, voluntarily eat once a day for the long term. There are many articles debunking the dietary plan as dangerous, however, Amen-Ra isn't the only athlete eating one meal a day. NFL veteran.

Become a Modern Day Warrior: The Diet That Broke All The Rules. Can you really survive and build muscle on one meal a day? We learn everything there is to. It's always fascinating to find out what famous athletes eat, to marvel at the absurd amount of calories Michael Phelps consumes or make fun of. Called the 'one meal a day diet', the concept is simple and involves getting your daily calories, nutrients and energy from just one meal rather.

The Romans didn't really eat it, usually consuming only one meal a day around noon, says food historian Caroline Yeldham. In fact, breakfast was actively. Stanley McChrystal was eating just one meal a day. For McChrystal, the one meal he eats is dinner after he is finished with work, which he.