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How samsung eye tracking works

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But — does it really work on a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S4? And does the eye tracking technology contribute to the user experience in a positive way?. Samsung on Thursday highlighted many new features in its latest Galaxy S4 Smart Scroll and Smart Pause track eye and facial movement to make video The Smart Pause feature won't work with video applications like. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors pan out, Samsung's newest smartphone may let Eye-tracking uses the camera to lock onto the motion of a user's peepers, a demo video on how different eye-tracking navigation could work (below).

Tobii, a technology company that received $21 million in funding from Intel last year, has been working on a technique that uses infrared. Eye-tracking uses the camera to lock onto the motion of a user's peepers, following wherever they move. With it, the phone can perceive where the user is. The Galaxy S7 eye tracking symbol appears at regular intervals and then This works with the front camera of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and.

Smart Stay Feature Galaxy S7. From the Home screen, touch Apps. Touch Smart stay, and touch the slider to turn Smart stay on. Smart stay works best when. Following weeks of rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone would come with a few high-tech eye-sensitive features, the company. Thanks to eye tracking, Samsung's Galaxy S4 is sure to watch you In the patent description, you can get a better idea of how this will work.