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Puzzle games like wheres my water

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Explore 11 games like Where's My Water?, all suggested and ranked by the puzzle game featuring Swampy the Alligator and his quest to take a shower. In the. Where's My Water? is a puzzle video game for the smartphones. Where's My Water? was first released as a desktop based version and later on. Where's My Water? is the first game in the 'Where's My' puzzle series made by Disney, and while a sequel has been released, the first game is still considered.

Where's My Water? is a Puzzle-based video game published by Disney Mobile and developed by Creature Feep. It brings addictive gameplay. Figment is a surreal and isometric adventure game, wherein the player must journey through the subconscious mind to save it from the fears and nightmares. Where's My Water is a liquid based puzzle game made by Disney Mobile. By swiping dirt, you create tunnels to direct the water's flow.

Backing up a bit, puzzle games that use fluid dynamics aren't anything new on the App Store. What once would have been fodder for. This suggestion collection includes cute puzzle games for Android, IOS Tags associated with Where's My Water?: physicspuzzlechallenging. Games like Wheres My Water in order of similarity. Our unique A.I Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Jason Parker loves puzzle games and this week's collection of apps is all The gameplay is a lot like Where's My Water? in look and feel, but.