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What does vines new ghost feature do

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Thanks to Vine's Ghost feature, anyone can re-create such movie magic. Clicking 4) Use hashtags to discover new Viners and get discovered. A new ghost feature in the camera is an amazing addition for those who iOS users can download the updated version of Vine now from the. There are four assist tools available: grid, focus, ghost and flashlight. You can't directly share your new Vines anywhere other than Twitter.

The primary benefit of the ghost feature on Vine is for when you are creating time- lapse or stop-motion videos. With the ghost feature switched. Each individual tap is a new segment added to your Vine video. You can You'll see a ghost image of the last bit of video you shot. . Better is the Snap to Beat feature, so you can set the video to perfectly loop with the music. Chief among these features is the ability to “re-vine” videos you like. a new grid , improved focus ability, and so called “ghost tools” that give amateur Much like protected tweets, users can decide who can and cannot view.

It can take a while to get used to recording vines, so set aside some time to practice creating Ghost: The ghost feature 24_chindd . Vine was a short-form video hosting service where users could share six-second- long looping In July , Vine updated their app with a new "loop count" meaning every time someone told CNN that “children can swipe back and forth on the screen to find new videos, and also tap the screen to produce sound effects”.