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Masonic how is your grandmother

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Most of our Masonic Brethren have heard that question asked at one time or For our newer Master Masons who have not heard the question “What's your. This is all part of the mythology of how freemasons identify each other. You'll find stuff like this all over the internet, and none of it is true, except possibly used in. I have had Brother Masons aproach and say " I see you are also a travling man" I see you have been to the East. How old is your GrandMother?.

It's doubtful that your folks were 33 degree Freemasons. "How old is your grandmother" is meant to be a British mode of recognition, although. If we have a sense that someone is a Mason, we will ask him the following question. “How old is your grandma?” What that really means is this. I am a freemason the is my lodge number,it is the oldest fraternity in the world,a common saying among masons is "how old is your.

"Asking some one how old your grandmother is in the fraternity is sort of a way of asking "are you a mason?" It refers to the lodge or charter number of that. Brethren, I've noticed in my masonic careers their are several questions that Masons ask and answer in pubic when they are being tried or. Obviously Masonic police officers NEVER do favours for civillian masons while in uniform. However, in a situation that offers limited mobility.