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How to play softball in the outfield

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How to Play Outfield in Softball. The outfield, which is situated beyond the bases, is often referred to as the "last line of defense" in crucial position. Softball fielding tips for outfielders. The first movement of an outfielder should be a drop step back. Communication is important when playing the outfield. Just a quick note including 3 Softball Tips for Outfield. 1. they are too busy sulking or feeling sorry for themselves about the error while the play is still going!).

The four-cone drill will help improve an outfielder's reaction pace. To work on reading and reacting to a softball hit into the outfield, try the four-cone drill. to Manage Your Footwork · Softball Infielder Tips: How to Finish the Play and Get the. One of the most important parts of playing the outfield is to get to the softball quickly, secure it and then get it back into the infield. Work on this in practice and you. The position is the easiest to play in slow pitch softball. the rover handle most of the routine plays and concentrate on getting to balls hit deeper in the outfield.

I moved to the outfield my senior year at UConn and then spent the majority of pro ball playing LF & RF. The best outfielders I've played with did.