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Ford ranger dies when put in park

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L OHV & SOHC V6 Tech - truck stalls when put in park - my LXT sohc truck dies when i go from D to R or P. starts fine. drives fine. and seems to idal. stalls in park? acts fine in drive or reverse or at a light. when I go to put it back in park it idles super low then dies out, it will restart with ease. Ford Ranger engine dies when put in gear stops I can start the truck on the ground in nutral or park runs good but put it in gear it stops.

Engine / Drivetrain Talk - engine dies when put in park - I have a FX4 with the , I just replaced the alternator, pulleys and serpentine. Runs for a little then dies - My Ranger starts up runs fine for a little then dies if I start it again it just runs a little rougher until it stalls out a You did replace the fuel filter when you put in the new pump. 5 people . Only park. hd, gas engine, with an auto transmission. Just recently started happening intermittently. It cranks up, without the slightest.

Re-started but when put in gear clunks and then stalls. Our site is specifically designed for you and it's a great place for Ford Ranger Fans to meet online. There is a rev limiter that will kick in about 3K in park and neutral. If the Check Engine Light isn't on, 'putting it on a computer' may not tell you anything. I have a Ford Ranger XLT 4 cylinder stander w/, miles truck driving down the road at any speed the truck will just die out but it does not. Ranger & B-Series - stalls when shifted to park - I have a Ranger 4X4 L V6 Put in an aftermarket and all has been well since.