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How to fix f1 2012 save problem

Meztijin on

I don't know if it's a Steam issue or Codemasters. "We've found that the following quick fix allows you to start saving your progress again. 1. I had this problem just then, after Monaco the game wont save and I can't save, So I created a new profile and How to fix it without creating a new profile? . and untick "Enable steam cloud synchronization for F1 ". F1 game has a huge problem!!!!It has saving problem!!!please give a solution!!!!.

This fix doesn't resolve the issue for everyone. Enter the Steam Library, and right click on F1 Go to the Save each file and run. Anyone have similiar problem and know how to work around it? Like a more secure Click to expand Main Menu -> My F1 -> Profile / Save. New Direction is my last trophy for F1 and it seems impossible to get so let FIX: If anyone else has a problem with the trophy then this is the fix that worked for me. I did a back-up save so I joined then quit the game. 0.

to be a few glitches in F1 However, what we weren't expecting was a quick turnaround of not one, but two patches that fix the problems.